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Kim (or “Kimmer” as Greg calls her), is the friendly face that will greet you when you come in.

She is Greg's wife, and our “Girl Friday”.

She handles the books, phone, last minute props, lunch, and what ever else that pops up.

In 1974, fresh out of Vo-Tech school, Greg started his photography career working along side his dad, Don Thoen. Their business philosophy of “Exceed the Need” as their number one priority, has served them well over the years. It is, and always has been, the primary goal that has supported the success of Thoen & Associates; thru both growing and shrinking economic times.

This goal is the framework behind the “Word of Mouth - Client Referrals” that is the mainstay of their advertising outreach.

Their reputation for quality work and personal attention (details) spread. Soon, Thoen & Associates became the respected, talented and versatile, problem solving studio it is today. To learn more details about the history and see photos; visit our History page.

With 20+ years of first hand experience they get requests for a myriad of different types, styles, and approaches of photography; for just about as many different uses or

needs. Greg states “Our style, like our abilities is fluid, flexible, adaptable;

ready to conform to the needs of our client. Our work is clean, crisp; using

color, composition, lighting and texture, to enhance the subject or convey an


Why should you seriously consider Thoen & Associates for your next project?

In a nut shell...

> Experience: We are not start up company. We have a large base of trusted

clients. We can be your one stop - go to guys for all of your imaging related needs. References can be provided.

> Diverse Talent: Advertising, Architecture, Automotive, Corporate, Food, High Dynamic Range, Industrial, Medical, People, and Product. This is achieved thru years of experience; trouble shooting, solving challenges, studying trends, keeping abreast of new equipment and techniques...succeeding.

> Attention to Detail: We invest our time learning about your products or services,

and your target market before we start. Prior to selecting the best angles, perspective

and colors, we need to know how it will be used i.e. large or small, who is the viewing

audience, what features should be highlighted or downplayed, etc, etc.  The more

forethought - the better the final image and it's ability to stimulate your target market.

Using the right perspective, coupled with composition and lighting, we can direct the

viewer's attention to whatever area of the photo we want, regardless of subject nature.

We've been told that we can make a grey "widget" look sexy. Check out some images

in our Industrial, Medical, and Product portfolios.

Therefore we pledge our signature...

Every project is the most important project Every client is the most important client A promise made is a promise kept.

In 1985, Jeff Natrop joined the team as Greg’s “Right Hand Man”; they’ve been together ever since. They combine their creative talents on each and every project. Whether it’s a complex composite for a large graphic or a widget for a website; large or small - they like them all.

Clients love the way Greg & Jeff handle the digital workflow without slowing down the day’s session. With one or both working the camera(s) as needed, and the other working the files; you’re assured that the results and deadlines are met with ease.

Jeff’s background includes a degree in professional photography from Brooks Institute. He hones his skills thru seminars, blogs, forums, and of course - day in - day out work. His photography world revolves around Photoshop. (Rumor has it he sleeps with the latest Photoshop book under his pillow).

Greg & Jeff

Greg and Jeff collaborate with people from all types of backgrounds and industries.  Each day they look forward to the next project and have always said, "it doesn't much matter what it’s an image of, but who it's for that matters".  

Once you understand who the target market is and how the image will be used, it gives you the best insight as to how to go about making it happen.


Simply making a pretty picture regardless of the cost, doesn't cut it.  There is so much of those type images out there now via the internet, etc. that consumers are visually deluged with images that don't motivate them to stop, look and buy.


Advertising photography is an investment.  In todays market, you really need to make sure you choose wisely.  Thus, their mission statement is as follows;

“We believe our success is measured by the degree to which we satisfy our clients and contribute to their success.  

Our goal is to insure that their investment pays off big time!”

With that said, try them out on your next project.  Remember, large or small, they really love it all. 

About Us

Thoen & Associates is a Minneapolis Minnesota based Commercial Advertising Photography studio. Greg and Jeff bring 20+ years of talent, experience, and problem solving abilities. They are a talented, and highly dependable choice to provide images for Advertising, Architecture, Automotive, Corporate, Food, High Dynamic Range, Industrial, Medical, People, and Product.



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Minneapolis Commercial Photographers Greg Thoen and Jeff Natrop welcome you to their web site. Here you can view their extended capabilities.

If you’re looking for a product photographer, food photographer, people photographer, industrial photographer, architectural photographer, interior photographer, automotive photographer, HDR photographer, medical photographer, macro photographer, or location photographer; then you’ve come to the right place.

Thoen & Associates, Minneapolis Advertising Photographer specializes in a variety of markets including but not limited to:

Product Photography, Food Photography, People Photography, Industrial Photography, Architectural Photography, Interior Photography, Exterior Photography, Automotive Photography, Motorcycle Photography, HDR Photography, Medical Photography, Location Photography, Product Illustration Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Annual Report Photography, Macro Photography. 20 plus years of experience and problem solving give us the ability to rise to the challenge. Look over our portfolio, then ask how we can solve your challenge.

Minneapolis Food Photographer - One of the many areas of photography we specialize is product photography. But when photographing food as the product, it presents challenges unique to food photography. It takes many skilled and “steady” hands to create the delectable images Greg and Jeff come up with for their clients. Their images grace the pages of web sites, outdoor boards, menus, and packaging.

Minneapolis Product Photographer - Thoen & Associates specializes in Commercial, Illustrative and Product Photography. They meet the demanding needs for Commercial Advertising, Packaging, Web, Brochures, Catalogs, Outdoor Boards, POP Displays and Trade Shows. Complex to Simple, Table Top to Studio Sets, Real to Imaginary.

HDR Photography - This tool in the hands of a skilled artist can achieve an incredible range of detail, contrast, and color which was previously unobtainable using the now “traditional” digital tools. The examples on our HDR page will show how we use both HDR and Exposure Fusion techniques to create realistic dynamic images for our clients. Yes we can also give you the wild, surreal, super saturated, HDR images if that’s your goal.

Technical challenges abound for the Minnesota Industrial Photographer. Minneapolis Industrial / Medical Photographer, Thoen & Associates specializes in Industrial, Medical, Corporate, and Annual Report Photography. Greg Thoen states “we are fully equipped to handle any location photography challenge; many have taken us across the United States. Be it a factory, foundry, helicopter, or clean room; we have the years of experience you can depend on”.

Micro and macro photography is part of the skill set they use when called upon as a Medical Photographer to photograph medical devices, their uses and the manufacturing process.

Minneapolis Architectural & Interior Photographer - Thoen & Associates specializes in Architecture & Interior images in residential and industrial environments. Benefit from 20+yrs of experience with creative lighting, propping and composition. HDR or High Dynamic Range Photography extends the scope what was previously unobtainable. The utmost care is taken in every environment; be it an executive’s office, a commercial building with pristine landscaping, a custom home interior, or hospital operating room.

Minneapolis | St. Paul People and lifestyle photographer - Working closely and orchestrating people requires patience, people skills, and four keen eyes (two in front and two in back) watching the details. The relaxed and confident nature of Greg and Jeff assures the clients and models that the end result will be perfect.

Minnesota Automotive Photographer - Thoen & Associates specializes in Custom Motorcycle, Hot Rod, Collector Cars, and Graphic Automotive Photography. It is all about the lighting and composition tailored specifically for each unique vehicle. It’s all about a keen eye for details. Highlights, shadows, chrome, highly reflective paint surfaces, curved lines, glass; all details Greg and Jeff are accustomed to enhancing.

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Minneapolis Photographer Thoen & Associates Advertising Photography, Inc.

offers the following commercial advertising photography services:

Thoen & Associates Advertising Photography, Inc.  is a full service commercial photography studio in Minneapolis MN.

Our photography services include:

Advertising Photographer for, Catalogs, Web sites, Brochures, Annual Reports, Outdoor Boards

Architectural Photographer for, Interior and Exterior Photography, Hotel, Restaurants

Automotive Photographer for, Hot Rods, Motorcycles, Antique Autos, Vintage Vehicles, Collector cars, Custom Street Rods

Food and Drink Photographer for Cook Books, Magazine, Restaurant Menus, Packaging, Web sites

Industrial Photographer for, Studio and Location Photography

Medical Product Photographer for, Medical Devices

People Photographer, for Executives, Lifestyle, Advertising

Product Photographer / Product Illustration for Advertising, Packaging, Catalogs, Brochures

HDR Photographer for High Dynamic Range Photography

Photo Retouching

Minneapolis Advertising Photo Retoucher Thoen & Associates specializes in Photo compositing, photo retouching, advertising retouching, and color correction. We bring a broad pallet of commercial photography retouching techniques to enhance images and solve problems.

> Competitive Pricing:  We produce exceptional visual images using both high / low tech gear. Thru our understanding of light, composition and rigging, coupled with drive and enthusiasm; we strive to find the simplest, most efficient solution for every situation. Our new industrial / location clients are thrilled that we can get in and out in half the time of their previous photographer(s), with minimal disruption (if any) on the work floor.  

Clients are utilizing our new "downtime" option for studio projects; allowing us scheduling flexibility for other clients.

We give ideas for "Co-Opting" the costs with others who could utilize these photos.

Payment and Usage options are more ways to save money. New clients: get a discount on your first project. Repeat clients: recieve a discount for referring new clients.

All these factors allow us to keep our pricing very competitive.