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FAQ >>>

• What is Thoen & Associates Advertising Photography, Inc.?

It is a greater Minneapolis Minnesota based Commercial Advertising Photography studio. Greg and Jeff together, bring many years of diversity and experience, expertise and problem solving abilities. They are a trustworthy and dependable choice for providing images for Advertising, Architecture, Automotive, Corporate, Food, High Dynamic Range, Industrial, Medical, People, and Product.

• What is their photography style?

With 20+ years of first hand experience they get requests for a myriad of different types, styles, and approaches of photography for just about as many different uses / needs. Greg states “Our style, like our abilities is fluid, flexible; ready to conform to the needs of you - our client. Our work is clean, crisp, using color, composition, lighting and texture, to enhance the subject or convey an emotion”.

• Do they shoot on location?

Yes; their diverse client base requires them to also be equipped with a broad range of location lighting, grip, and assorted other equipment to shoot where every the need arises. Be it a factory, foundry, executive office, store interior, or clean room; Greg and Jeff have the experience and diversity you can depend on.

• Do they travel out of state?

Absolutely... they are fully equipped to handle any location photography challenge; many of their trusted clients have sent them across the United States to get the job done verses risking the unknown in the area.

• What about CMYK conversions?

Good question. All master files are supplied as RGB files (see “what format will the files be in?” in the FAQ). Having the expertise along with calibrated and profiled systems, enables them to make high quality CMKY conversions for you. Note there’s no magic “convert” button. Good - high quality CMYK conversions are both art and science. You will need to supply some of the output specs from your printer; the more information obtained about the printing, the higher the quality of CMYK conversions. The first three are must have info: >Press: web or sheet fed, >Paper stock: coated or uncoated, >total ink limit. The following are preferred: >press icc profile, >GCR vs UCR, >dot gain, >black generation. See the Color Calibration - CMYK & Web Conversion page.

• Do you provide Raw files?

A Raw file is simply a digital version of what an unprocessed negative or transparency was in the “good O’L film days”. Back then they’d never shoot an assignment and then give the client a handful of unprocessed film and say “here ya’go”. Today there is too much that can go wrong with the raw file in less experienced hands. Jeff insures their digital systems are regularly calibrated and icc profiled; achieving critical color matching between the profiled monitors and proofing systems. Each Raw file goes thru a customized process to bring out the maximum quality, sharpness, detail, color, and contrast. Highlight and shadow values are pinned, gamma is balanced along with color and saturation values. The proper color space is embedded and creative enhancements applied. This work is done in 16 bit mode, and then resampled for the 8 bit output. You are provided final high quality digital files in the format you requested. If needed the files can be supplied in 16 bit.

• Do you maintain a Back Up of my files?

Your files will be archived for one year from the date of the photo shoot. It’s strongly recommend that you adequately back up the master files provided to you. (note - all work is archived for an indefinite amount of time, it’s availability is possible for an extended period; but not guaranteed).

• What format will the files be in?

All files are supplied as hi-resolution uncompressed files in the Adobe’98 RGB color space. If requested, the files can be converted to sRGB (for web or email use), or sized as needed. The files can be in any format you choose; ie: tiff, psd, layered tiff, pdf, eps, jpeg, or png.

• How will I get my files?

Once the post production work is completed, we’ll send you Jpegs via email or private web gallery link for your review. Upon approval, we’ll upload to the cloud and email you a secure download link. You can share or forward this link to others involved with the project. New Sales Tax laws have changed in the past year. If not suppling you a physical CD, then you save the Minnesota Sales Tax on the entire project.

  1. What if I can’t be there for the photo shoot?

Not a problem... Greg & Jeff work “remotely” with many of their clients. This often starts out of necessity (you wear too many hats and can’t be at the shoot). Thru building trust and dependability, it quickly becomes a “value added” asset, freeing up your valuable time for other projects. In fact, in the last year alone, more than 90% of new and existing clients, did not attend the photo shoot. Many took advantage of the Downtime Scheduling option. Location shoots are showing the same trend as well. 

Information and a little technology is the key. A quick preproduction meeting, conference call or simply an email, along with any layouts, stock or existing photos including smartphone photos are a good start. Once reviewed, they'll offer input and quickly get on "the same page" before proceeding.  Then if needed, you will be emailed low res files for your review and input; all from the comforts of your office, home or vacation spot if you're that dedicated!

• Who is Greg Thoen and Jeff Natrop?

Inquiring minds want to know.... See their About Us and History pages for all the details.

• How much does photography cost?

Considering our Value Added Services (downtime rates, remote art direction, archived data files, one stop capabilities, 100% guarantee) , nowhere near what the competition charges. T&A offers very competitive fees based on what you want to end up with and how you're planning on using it. Their clients refer to the “Gold Standard” Quality & Service they get for a great price. Downtime scheduling and Payment options both bring the costs down. Greg can and will work within your budget. With in-house post-production, digital retouching and enhancement; they gain complete control over the project quality and costs.

Greg has stated; ”We believe our success is measured by the degree to which we satisfy our clients and contribute to their success. Our goal is to insure that your investment pays off big time!”

• Is there an agency or volume discount on services?

In a word - Yes... Thoen & Associates have worked on many large catalog projects, on-going campaigns, or large single programs. Their loyal, repeat clients are valued.

• How does Thoen & Associates out perform the competition?

> ExperienceThey are not start up company. They have a large base of long time, trusted clients. You can count on them to be your one stop - go to guys for any and all of your imaging related needs. References can be provided.

> 100% - “Make It Right” Guarantee (when our name is on the line we don’t fool around - enough said)

> Diverse Abilities:  Advertising, Architecture, Automotive, Corporate, Food, HDR, Industrial, Medical, People, and Product. This is achieved thru years of experience, trouble shooting, solving challenges, studying trends, keeping abreast of new equipment and techniques...succeeding.

> Details, Details, Details: Can’t stress this enough, T&A does their homework. Before starting your project they research details about your products, services and competitors, plus your target market. Prior to selecting the best angles, perspective and colors, they focus on details like: how it will be used - (large or small), what colors works best for the age group targeted, what features should be highlighted or downplayed, etc, etc.  The more forethought - the better the final image will stimulate your target market. Regardless of subject nature; using the right perspective, coupled with composition and lighting, they direct the viewer's attention to the key areas of the photo. Its been said that T&A can make a grey "widget" look sexy, or turn a “sows ear into a purse”. Check out some images in the Industrial, Medical and Product portfolios to see what they mean.

> HDR PhotographyWhat’s HDR? High Dynamic Range. This tool in the hands of a skilled artist can achieve an incredible range of detail, contrast, and color which was previously unobtainable using the now “traditional” digital tools.

> Speed of delivery: Clients have received photos in hours, or the next day, not in weeks. But they will never sacrifice quality for speed; they’ll just work harder or later. You can’t find that kind of service anywhere else.

> Competitive pricing: Considering their wide range of clients and today's economy, it’s understandable that T&A continually gets requests to work within tighter budgets. You don’t have to settle for an inexperienced, start-up photographer to get a price that fits your budget. But remember, creating high quality photography is never sacrificed to provide a competitive price. They produce exceptional visual images using both high & low tech gear. Thru understanding of light, composition and rigging, coupled with drive and enthusiasm; they strive to find the simplest, most cost efficient solution for each situation.

New industrial / location clients are thrilled with T&A’s ability to get in and out in half the time of their previous photographer(s), with minimal disruption (if any) on the work floor.

Cost saving options:

         • Clients are utilizing T&A’s new Downtime Scheduling option for projects, thus allowing scheduling flexibility for other clients.

         • T&A shares ideas for “Co-Opting” the costs with others who could utilize the photos.

         • Payment and Usage options are additional ways to save money.

         • New clients get a discount on your first project.

         • Repeat clients receive a discount for referring new clients.

All these factors allow for very competitive pricing.

> WYSIWYG:  Greg, Jeff and Kim will always be who you deal with from beginning to end. Sure they hire freelance stylists and support people as needed for specific projects; but even then, their key freelancers have worked side by side with Greg & Jeff, many times prior. Therefore they pledge their signature...

• Every project is the most important project • Every client is the most important client • A promise made is a promise kept •

Thoen & Associates Advertising Photography, Inc.  is a full service commercial photography studio in Minneapolis MN.

Our photography services include:

Advertising Photographer for, Catalogs, Web sites, Brochures, Annual Reports, Outdoor Boards

Architectural Photographer for, Interior and Exterior Photography, Hotel, Restaurants

Automotive Photographer for, Hot Rods, Motorcycles, Antique Autos, Vintage Vehicles, Collector cars, Custom Street Rods

Food and Drink Photographer for Cook Books, Magazine, Restaurant Menus, Packaging, Web sites

Industrial Photographer for, Studio and Location Photography

Medical Product Photographer for, Medical Devices

People Photographer, for Executives, Lifestyle, Advertising

Product Photographer / Product Illustration for Advertising, Packaging, Catalogs, Brochures

HDR Photographer for High Dynamic Range Photography

Photo Retouching

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Minneapolis Photographers Greg Thoen and Jeff Natrop welcome you to their web site. Here you can view their extended capabilities.

If you’re looking for a product photographer, food photographer, people photographer, industrial photographer, architectural photographer, interior photographer, automotive photographer, HDR photographer, medical photographer, macro photographer, or location photographer; then you’ve come to the right place.

Thoen & Associates, Minneapolis Advertising Photographer specializes in a variety of markets including but not limited to:

Product Photography, Food Photography, People Photography, Industrial Photography, Architectural Photography, Interior Photography, Exterior Photography, Automotive Photography, HDR Photography, Medical Photography, Location Photography, Product Illustration Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Annual Report Photography, Macro Photography. 20 plus years of experience and problem solving give us the ability to rise to the challenge. Look over our portfolio, then ask how we can solve your challenge.

Minneapolis Food Photographer - One of the many areas of photography we specialize is product photography. But when photographing food as the product, it presents challenges unique to food photography. It takes many skilled and “steady” hands to create the delectable images Greg and Jeff come up with for their clients. Their images grace the pages of web sites, outdoor boards, menus, and packaging.

Minneapolis Product Photographer Thoen & Associates specializes in Commercial, Illustrative and Product Photography. They meet the demanding needs for Commercial Advertising, Packaging, Web, Brochures, Catalogs, Outdoor Boards, POP Displays and Trade Shows. Complex to Simple, Real to Imaginary.

HDR Photography - This tool in the hands of a skilled artist can achieve an incredible range of detail, contrast, and color which was previously unobtainable using the now “traditional” digital tools. The examples on our HDR page will show how we use both HDR and Exposure Fusion techniques to create realistic dynamic images for our clients. Yes we can also give you the wild, surreal, super saturated, HDR images if that’s your goal.

Technical challenges abound for the Minnesota Industrial Photographer. Minneapolis Industrial / Medical Photographer, Thoen & Associates specializes in Industrial, Medical, Corporate, and Annual Report Photography. Greg Thoen states “we are fully equipped to handle any location photography challenge; many have taken us across the United States. Be it a factory, foundry, helicopter, or clean room; we have the years of experience you can depend on”.

Micro and macro photography is part of the skill set they use when called upon as a Medical Photographer to photograph medical devices, their uses and the manufacturing process.

Minneapolis Architectural & Interior Photographer | Thoen & Associates specializes in Architecture & Interior images in residential and industrial environments. Benefit from 20+yrs of experience with creative lighting, propping and composition. HDR or High Dynamic Range Photography extends the scope what was previously unobtainable. The utmost care is taken in every environment; be it an executive’s office, a commercial building with pristine landscaping, a custom home interior, or hospital operating room.

Minneapolis | St. Paul People and lifestyle photographer: Working closely and orchestrating people requires patience, people skills, and four keen eyes (two in front and two in back) watching the details. The relaxed and confident nature of Greg and Jeff assures the clients and models that the end result will be perfect.

Minnesota Automotive Photographer Thoen & Associates specializes in Custom Motorcycle, Hot Rod, Collector Cars, and Graphic Automotive Photography. It is all about the lighting and composition tailored specifically for each unique vehicle. It’s all about a keen eye for details. Highlights, shadows, chrome, highly reflective paint surfaces, curved lines, glass; all details Greg and Jeff are accustomed to enhancing.

Minneapolis Photographer Thoen & Associates Advertising Photography, Inc.

offers the following commercial advertising photography services:


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  1. What is Downtime scheduling?

A great new way to save money. If you don't need to be here for the shoot and can give T&A some more time; it allows them the flexibility to better accommodate those that have a tight deadline. You are rewarded with lower rates anywhere from 5 to 25% on the bottom line. Last year alone, more than 90% of new and existing clients did not attend the photo shoot. With today's busy schedules and tighter budgets, clients are really liking this new offer.

  1. With all the buzz on Social Media, how good do the photos really have to be?

Many people have FaceBook, LinkedIn or other accounts that give daily updates of what's going on in their lives. Seeing photos taken via smart-phones helps portray real life, like you were there, but not quality advertising. The Wall Street Journal recently did an article on some retail companies running ads that imitate smartphone photos, with great success. Keyword; “imitate”. The article stated that these companies were still spending the same $$'s that traditional photography costs, as they were still hiring pro-photographers valued for their composition, lighting and post-production skills. Kinda like how “real” are "reality shows"?  T&A offers well composed photos, with lighting that directs the viewer to what they should see. They don't need to be elaborate setups.  Take a look at Greg's head shot on his LinkedIn profile and compare it to many others you see - simple & real. You see quickly and clearly who your looking at.  Same for product photos. Check our page 2 in our Industrial, Medical and Product portfolios. Utilizing photos like these and then posting clean, fresh updates will keep your business moving forward without a hard sell.

  1. What are some of your Value Added Services?

Another great question. Greg & Jeff’s philosophy has always been "to exceed the need" by giving their clients extra bonuses.

  1. > Up front... they research your competitors to be sure the your photos will work better.

  2. > Final files... in addition to the Hi-Res files, typically you’ll want to quickly email images to other personal, clients, or send press

releases. You’re going to need Low and Hi-Res jpegs in the correct color space. You maybe able do this yourself if you have conversion software, experience, and the time. But why hassle with one more thing to do? T&A will (at no cost), convert the Hi-Res files into the correct color space, then optimized for both email and web use as Low-Res Jpegs. In addition you will also get Hi-Res Jpegs and FPO files.

Many times the HiRes Jpegs can be emailed and used in place of the master Hi-Res files with no quality difference - again saving you time and $$'s.

   > 100% - “We Make It Right” Guarantee! The most valuable of all Value Added Services

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