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          HDR - “High Dynamic Range” Photography either love it or hate it. Some love the surreal over saturated and often psychedelic look that can be achieved. Others hate it because of that same unrealistic manipulated look. There is a middle ground to the love / hate relationship as you will see as you read on. It should be noted that any unskilled person can move around a bunch of sliders and come up with the surreal psychedelic look that is often associated with the “HDR look”.

This tool in the hands of a skilled artist can achieve an incredible range of detail, contrast, and color which was previously unobtainable using the now “traditional” digital tools.

The examples here will show how we use both HDR and Exposure Fusion techniques to create realistic dynamic images for our clients. Yes we can also give you the wild, surreal, super saturated, HDR images if that’s your goal.

You can see that used in this manner, HDR / Exposure Fusion can provide a greatly expanded tonal, contrast, and color range while still looking like a real world photographic image.

Working in the studio with basically shades of grey, reflective objects, and soft skin tones; lighting and composition are key elements. By utilizing the additional element of our HDR technique, we can really bring a simple setup to life.

The clients budget didn’t allow for a grip truck with HMI lighting and generators, plus the time and hassle to keep the crowd in check and avoid tripping on cords and equipment.

Yet we were able to capture the full range of tones and expanded contrast seen here using only available light. No auxiliary lighting of any kind was employed.  One just needs to know how to work with Mr. Sun and HDR exposures.

Highly reflective dark colors in a studio set can be a challenge.

The client gave us a blank slate with the instructions “make it look WOW”

Our goal was to show the clean lines and rich colors featured on this Porsche 911.

Using our HDR skills made this a real head turner.

Roll over each photograph to see the original image as captured by the camera, as compared to the carefully crafted finished product given to the client.

Thoen & Associates Advertising Photography, Inc.  is a full service commercial photography studio in Minneapolis MN.

Our photography services include:

Advertising Photographer for, Catalogs, Web sites, Brochures, Annual Reports, Outdoor Boards

Architectural Photographer for, Interior and Exterior Photography, Hotel, Restaurants

Automotive Photographer for, Hot Rods, Motorcycles, Antique Autos, Vintage Vehicles, Collector cars, Custom Street Rods

Food and Drink Photographer for Cook Books, Magazine, Restaurant Menus, Packaging, Web sites

Industrial Photographer for, Studio and Location Photography

Medical Product Photographer for, Medical Devices

People Photographer, for Executives, Lifestyle, Advertising

Product Photographer / Product Illustration for Advertising, Packaging, Catalogs, Brochures

HDR Photographer for High Dynamic Range Photography

Photo Retouching

Minneapolis Photographers Greg Thoen and Jeff Natrop welcome you to their web site. Here you can view their extended capabilities.

If you’re looking for a product photographer, food photographer, people photographer, industrial photographer, architectural photographer, interior photographer, automotive photographer, HDR photographer, medical photographer, macro photographer, or location photographer; then you’ve come to the right place.

Thoen & Associates, Minneapolis Advertising Photographer specializes in a variety of markets including but not limited to:

Product Photography, Food Photography, People Photography, Industrial Photography, Architectural Photography, Interior Photography, Exterior Photography, Automotive Photography, HDR Photography, Medical Photography, Location Photography, Product Illustration Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Annual Report Photography, Macro Photography. 20 plus years of experience and problem solving give us the ability to rise to the challenge. Look over our portfolio, then ask how we can solve your challenge.

Minneapolis Food Photographer - One of the many areas of photography we specialize is product photography. But when photographing food as the product, it presents challenges unique to food photography. It takes many skilled and “steady” hands to create the delectable images Greg and Jeff come up with for their clients. Their images grace the pages of web sites, outdoor boards, menus, and packaging.

Minneapolis Product Photographer Thoen & Associates specializes in Commercial, Illustrative and Product Photography. They meet the demanding needs for Commercial Advertising, Packaging, Web, Brochures, Catalogs, Outdoor Boards, POP Displays and Trade Shows. Complex to Simple, Real to Imaginary.

HDR Photography - This tool in the hands of a skilled artist can achieve an incredible range of detail, contrast, and color which was previously unobtainable using the now “traditional” digital tools. The examples on our HDR page will show how we use both HDR and Exposure Fusion techniques to create realistic dynamic images for our clients. Yes we can also give you the wild, surreal, super saturated, HDR images if that’s your goal.

Technical challenges abound for the Minnesota Industrial Photographer. Minneapolis Industrial / Medical Photographer, Thoen & Associates specializes in Industrial, Medical, Corporate, and Annual Report Photography. Greg Thoen states “we are fully equipped to handle any location photography challenge; many have taken us across the United States. Be it a factory, foundry, helicopter, or clean room; we have the years of experience you can depend on”.

Micro and macro photography is part of the skill set they use when called upon as a Medical Photographer to photograph medical devices, their uses and the manufacturing process.

Minneapolis Architectural & Interior Photographer | Thoen & Associates specializes in Architecture & Interior images in residential and industrial environments. Benefit from 20+yrs of experience with creative lighting, propping and composition. HDR or High Dynamic Range Photography extends the scope what was previously unobtainable. The utmost care is taken in every environment; be it an executive’s office, a commercial building with pristine landscaping, a custom home interior, or hospital operating room.

Minneapolis | St. Paul People and lifestyle photographer: Working closely and orchestrating people requires patience, people skills, and four keen eyes (two in front and two in back) watching the details. The relaxed and confident nature of Greg and Jeff assures the clients and models that the end result will be perfect.

Minnesota Automotive Photographer Thoen & Associates specializes in Custom Motorcycle, Hot Rod, Collector Cars, and Graphic Automotive Photography. It is all about the lighting and composition tailored specifically for each unique vehicle. It’s all about a keen eye for details. Highlights, shadows, chrome, highly reflective paint surfaces, curved lines, glass; all details Greg and Jeff are accustomed to enhancing.

Minneapolis Photographer Thoen & Associates Advertising Photography, Inc.

offers the following commercial advertising photography services:


Even colorful subject nature can benefit from the extended tonal range of HDR. Enhanced colors and tonal range look like they're from a different time period or galaxy!

Hazy or harsh sunlight produces photos that don't reproduce well, unless combined with proper use of HDR and Exposure Fusion techniques.  Then they really shine.

Interiors... our Exposure Fusion technique allows us to capture the true ambiance of what you would see if you were there in person. Our eyes / brain are able to see detail that cameras can't without supplemental lighting. We capture interiors and all their subtle detail using their natural light with little to no supplemental lighting; saving you time and money.  No additional lighting was used in these two extreme examples.