To send us files too large for email (our ISP limit is 30mb per email); you have two options:

  1. 1)Use a file transfer called “WeTransfer” ( ). it is free, does not require an account, and you can send up to 2Gb files at a time. No limit on how may times you can use the service. Multiple files can be sent, but not folders. Zip multiple files if you want and then send the one file.

  2. 2)Use the feature below.

No limit to size, but files must be sent one at a time. Or go ahead and “zip” multiple files into a single “zip’d” file to save on sending multiple files.

This is their “free-bee” level, so after you hit send it will take you to their site. No need to sign in or anything (unless you want to). Just hit your “back” button and you’ll come back to our web page.