Leaving this 700 lb. unit on the pallet during the shoot, saved time as this needed to be shipped out asap. Choosing the right perspective and lighting enhanced an ordinary gray product which many clients seem to produce. Coupled with some creative post-production, made it a cover photo without breaking the budget.

As a Minneapolis, MN based Photo-Retoucher, we provide commercial photography retouching to save our clients money and bring their creative ideas from concept to reality.

Technology has expanded our world of imagination and problem solving.

Knowing how to allocate photography vs post-production is vital to staying on budget. It takes experience at both ends to produce great results.

The samples below show how we meet client requests, enhance images, and make you look good!

With a busy delivery schedule, only three trucks could be spared for this shoot at their gravel pit. Likewise, the weather didn’t cooperate either. With rescheduling out of the question, our challenge was to create the “beginning of a new day”; with their full fleet poised and ready.

12 photos were used to make these two emergency scenes... we can create reality without using emergency funding.

Many times you’d like to offer other colors but don’t have the products available - we can help.

Creating a warm home outdoor or indoor environment in a warehouse setting is another area where good pre & post-production skills saves money.

We understand how missing items or last minute changes can effect the entire project. Knowing where to allocate photography time vs the post-production is vital to staying on budget.

If you’re an industrial manufacturer, you know the drill; you’d like a great photo before it gets shipped. But with limited space, a busy workforce, etc. simply call T & A. We can get in & out with minimum time and setup right where it’s at without disruptions. Making color changes along with any last minute add-ons is the norm.

Whether shooting with a wide selection at a client’s facilities or with limited product available; we create beautiful results when applying creative enhancement techniques. Your food will sing a beautiful melody.

Let the “Chips” fall...

This client had an identity crisis. The cookies started out with “Chocolate Chips” on top. But now they needed cookies with “Chocolate Chunks” on top. And they needed them ASAP. Only one cookie was available with Chocolate Chunks to use as a guide.

Can’t you just smell the warm aroma as they are cooling on the rack?

For a personal meet and greet, or to discuss your upcoming project, call or email Greg at 612.865.5724greg@thoenphoto.com

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